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Is 5 Gig Internet Worth the Hype & Investment?

When comparing internet plans, internet speed is paramount. Gone are the days of buffering movies and slow web page loads. With the evolution of fiber optics, gigabit internet offers the fastest speeds among all types of internet. But the big question now: is 5 gig internet worth it? 

Stepping up from standard gigabit internet, multi-gig internet plans range from 1Gbps to a whopping 10Gbps. Yes, that’s the speed Race Communications proudly provides. 


Join us as we explore what multi-gig internet truly is, its best use cases, the necessary equipment, and ultimately determine if it’s a worthy investment for you. Take advantage of the next phase of internet evolution. 

What is Multi-Gig Internet?

Gigabit internet plans aren’t ancient history. They began making waves in the consumer market around 2016. Yet, in just a few years, technological advancements and the relentless pursuit of faster connections have propelled us into the era of multi-gig internet plans. 

We measure Internet speed in ‘Mbps’ (megabits per second) and ‘Gbps’ (gigabits per second), the latter being 1000 times faster. Fiber optic plans predominantly offer speeds of 1 gig (Gbps). This was already a significant leap, roughly 10 times faster than the national average. However, as the digital world accelerates and our online needs intensify, ISPs have recognized the demand for even faster speeds. Enter multi-gig plans up to 100 times faster than the national average. 

What Can You Use 5 Gig Internet For?

But what exactly can you do with a 5-gigabit internet plan? The simple answer : the sky is the limit! 

Picture a typical weekend: Your children are engrossed in online games, and your partner immerses themselves in a high-definition VR session. Meanwhile, you indulge in an 8K film, so lifelike it’s almost tangible. With 5 gig internet, this isn’t a distant dream; it’s reality.   

Below, we explore the most common use cases for multi-gig internet.  

Online Gaming 

For professional gamers and enthusiasts alike, finding the optimal internet speed for gaming is crucial. After all, in the gaming world, low latency and a stable connection can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Ever experienced game lags just because someone in the other room decided to stream a movie? Or suffered interruptions due to inconsistent internet?  

With 5-gig internet, you can bid farewell to these annoyances. Not only does it vastly reduce ping times, but it also ensures an unwavering fast internet speed for gaming. The outcome? Your gameplay remains competitive, lag-free, and uninterrupted, even when multiple devices stream simultaneously in the background. 

8K Streaming 

Remember when HD streaming felt like a luxury? Well, today, we’re stepping into the realm of 8K! You’ll need a minimum of 50 Mbps to stream in this ultra-clear resolution. While 8K still feels a bit “extra” right now, a robust 5-gig internet speed turns this luxury into an everyday reality.   

Just think about it. Fifteen years ago, having movies at our fingertips felt like a distant dream. Fast forward to today, and we’re on the cusp of making 8K the new norm. Before long, 8K streaming could be as commonplace as binge-watching your favorite series is now. And when that day comes, you’ll be ready with lightning-fast internet speeds. 

Virtual Reality 

VR isn’t just a futuristic concept anymore. It’s quickly embedding itself into our daily lives. In fact, statistics show that 15% of the nation’s population is already diving into the immersive world of VR, and 47% are familiar with the term. VR isn’t just a gamer’s paradise. It’s also revolutionizing sectors like healthcare, marketing, and education.  

If you’re wondering about the internet speed needed for online VR gaming, here’s the scoop: VR gaming typically consumes up to 8GB per hour. For a smooth VR experience, you need an internet plan without data caps. Luckily, fiber optic plans, including the multi-gig ones, usually come without any data limits. 

Remote Work 

The shift to remote work has revolutionized how we operate, but with it comes an increased demand for our internet infrastructure. Slow speeds or interruptions during work can be detrimental to productivity and professionalism. 

For those embracing the remote work lifestyle, consider the following essential tasks: 

  • Video conferencing: You must have crisp video and clear audio for effective communication and to reduce misinterpretations. 
  • File uploading & downloading: Whether it’s transferring large data sets, presentations, or multimedia assets, speed is of the essence. 
  • Cloud-based collaboration: Real-time editing and collaboration tools like Miro, Trello, Google Docs, or Microsoft Teams demand a stable connection. 
  • Streaming & webinars: When you’re hosting or tuning into webinars, you don’t want glitches. 

If any of these tasks resonate with your daily routine, the reliability and speed of 5 gig internet can be a game-changer for your remote work experience. No longer will you have to worry about delays or disruptions during work. 

Smart Home Efficiency 

Often, homeowners wonder how much internet speed does their smart home need. Modern homes are brimming with interconnected IoT devices, from smart fridges to voice assistants.  

For all these devices to function seamlessly, we need consistent high-speed internet. It’s not just about individual devices but about an ecosystem functioning harmoniously. 

5 Gig Internet Equipment

The benefits of 5 or even 10-gig internet don’t just happen. Just as a race car demands a high-performance engine to reach its top speeds, your gigabit internet needs its own specialized “engine” to deliver those blazing speeds directly to your devices. 

But what does this “engine” comprise? Here’s a breakdown of the essential multi-gig internet equipment: 

  • 10GB router: This is the heart of your setup. A router that isn’t equipped to handle multi-gig speeds will bottleneck your connection, preventing you from enjoying the ultra-fast speeds you signed up for. 
  • CAT 6a cables: When it comes to wired connections (for the best speed and stability, Ethernet is the way to go), these cables ensure you’re getting the maximum speed possible. 
  • Network switches: These are crucial for directing traffic so each of your devices gets the bandwidth it needs. Make sure they’re also rated for 10 gig speeds. 
  • Multi-gig-ready devices: The highway can be wide open, but if your car isn’t fast enough, you won’t see the benefits. The same goes for your devices. Your computers and other primary devices have to be 10-gig compatible to make the most of your connection. 

Properly equipped, you’ll be set to harness the power of one of the most potent internet connections available today. 

Is 5 Gigabit Internet Worth It? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

At the heart of it, the answer to ‘is 5 gigabit internet worth it’ depends largely on individual needs and priorities. At Race Communications, we believe in offering the best, and our 10Gbps internet plan provides incredible value. But let’s break it down so you can make an informed decision. 

The Benefits:

  • Futureproofing: As technology evolves, the demands on our internet will only increase. By opting for higher speeds now, you’re preparing for the digital landscape of tomorrow. 
  • Multiple device support: Large families or households with several devices will benefit immensely. Whether it’s streaming, gaming, or video conferencing, everyone can do it simultaneously without a hiccup. 
  • Ultra-fast downloads & uploads: Files that once took hours can now be done in minutes, if not seconds. 
  • 10x the speed for just a little bit more $: At Race, you’re upgrading from 1Gbps to 10Gbps for $50 extra dollars. That’s ten times the speed for a fraction of the cost


  • Your internet habits: If you live alone or have limited online activities like browsing, email, or social media, the additional speed can be unnecessary. 
  • Gaming: The upgrade is a no-brainer for hardcore gamers or those who engage in online VR experiences. But if gaming isn’t your thing, then consider your other needs. 
  • Cost: While the $120 per month for 10Gbps offers stellar value, balance it against your usage. The $70 1Gbps plan is still incredibly fast and enough for many users.

Final Thoughts on Multi-Gig Internet

In conclusion, while the 5 gigabit and higher plans offer unparalleled speeds and capabilities, it’s all about aligning with your needs. If you’re a power user or have a bustling household, the investment is clearly worthwhile. Whatever your choice, we’re here to ensure you get the best internet experience possible. 

So, where do you stand? Are you content being a passenger, or are you ready to take the wheel and drive into the fast lane of digital evolution? 

Step into the future with us. Explore our multi-gig internet plans and find out if your community is ready to experience the thrill of 10 gig speeds. Switch to Race Communications, and propel your online experience to heights you never imagined possible.