Face to Face with Race: Danny Alva

Meet Danny, our newly promoted OSP Team member. He’s been a part of the Race family for two years now.  None of his days are alike. One day could consist of splicing fiber, or overseeing conduit runs. Read more about how Danny spends his time at Race.

How long have you been at Race Communications?

It will be two years in September.

What exactly do you do at Race?

When I was first hired, I was brought on as a field tech, but I just recently moved over to our OSP Team (Outside Plant) about a month and a half ago.

What’s your typical day like?

Since I moved over, I am still learning the basics as to what we are doing. But so far, I’ve plugged in panels for drops and installs. I’ve also done cross connects for splitters, and helped the installers with issues. Basically I am running around right now! I don’t have my daily duties as of yet.

What skills have you gained since working at Race?

The biggest one would have to be splicing fiber. It’s mostly what I’ve been doing for OSP. Other than that, when I was installing, basically being able to install our equipment. So the router and knowing how fiber works. Different things like that, but the biggest has to be the fiber splicing.

What three words would you use to describe Race?

Productive, professional and efficient.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite sport?


Any favorite teams?

Of course, the Oakland Raiders! (laughs)