Channels for The Bridgeport Region

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Expanded Options

Channel Number Channel Call Sign Channel Name Type
120 BLOOM Bloomberg Business Television Lifestyle
205 FNC Fox News Channel News
207 FBN Fox Business News
261 ESPN ESPN Sports
329 DFC Discovery Family Channel Español
328 DFCHD Discovery Family Channel HD Español
267 ESPNU ESPNU Sports
614 STZENCL Starz Encore Classic Premium
661 STZENSU Starz Encore Suspense Premium
269 ESPN2 ESPN2 Sports
615 STZENCP Starz Encore (Pacific) HD Premium
679 MPLEX MoviePlex Premium
494 OWNHD Oprah Winfrey Network HD Entertainment
226 WFNUSHD World Fishing Network HD (US) Entertainment
285 OUTD Outdoor Channel Sports
300 AWE A Wealth of Entertainment Entertainment
303 FXP FX (Pacific) Entertainment
309 DEST Destination America Lifestyle
315 SCIENCE Science Entertainment
319 HISTP History (Pacific) Entertainment
325 FYIP FYI (Pacific) Entertainment
327 DSCP The Discovery Channel (Pacific) Entertainment
333 NGWILD National Geographic Wild Entertainment
335 CIN Crime & Investigation Network Entertainment
337 MILH Military History Channel Entertainment
343 APLP Animal Planet (Pacific) Entertainment
339 MAVTV MavTV Sports
347 TRAVP The Travel Channel (Pacific) Entertainment
351 TLCP The Learning Channel (Pacific) Entertainment
369 FOODP Food Network (Pacific) Lifestyle
353 DLC Discovery Life Channel Entertainment
361 MAGN Magnolia Network Entertainment
367 COOK Cooking Channel Lifestyle
365 HGTVP Home & Garden Television (Pacific) Lifestyle
409 DJCHP Disney Junior US (Pacific) Family
411 DXDP Disney XD (Pacific) Family
501 HALL Hallmark Channel Entertainment
503 HMM Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Entertainment
509 LIFEP Lifetime (Pacific) Lifestyle
511 LRW Lifetime Real Women Entertainment
517 LMNP Lifetime Movie Network (Pacific) Entertainment
519 FXM FXM Entertainment
523 AMCP AMC (Pacific) Entertainment
529 IFC IFC Entertainment
673 SUNDANP SundanceTV (Pacific) Premium
671 INDIE IndiePlex Premium
681 RETRO RetroPlex Premium
287 CBSSN CBS Sports Network Sports
291 SPRTMAN The Sportsman Channel Sports
289 NFLNRZ NFL RedZone Sports
591 ESPND ESPN Deportes Español
592 HISTE History Channel En Español Español
593 DFAMHD Discovery Familia HD Español
594 DSCE Discovery en Español Español
595 FXDEP Fox Deportes Español
111 WEATH The Weather Channel News
112 TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network Faith
113 TBNINSPIRE TBN Inspire Faith
115 QVC QVC Lifestyle
117 HSN HSN Lifestyle
119 EVINE EVINE Live Lifestyle
204 FNCHD Fox News Channel HD News
206 FBNHD Fox Business HD News
260 ESPNHD (C) ESPNHD Sports
266 ESPNUHD ESPN University HD Sports
274 NFLHD NFL Network HD Sports
280 FS1HD (C) Fox Sports 1 HD Sports
282 FS2HD Fox Sports 2 HD Sports
283 OUTHD Outdoor Channel HD Sports
302 FX HD (C)(RS) FX HD Entertainment
304 FXXHD (C) FXX HD Entertainment
308 DESTHD Destination America HD Lifestyle
314 SCI HD (C) Science Channel HD Entertainment
316 AETVHDP (C) A&E Network HD (Pacific) Entertainment
318 HSTRYHP (C) History HD (Pacific) Entertainment
330 NGCHD (C) National Geographic Channel HD Entertainment
332 NGWIHD (C) National Geographic Wild HD Entertainment
450 CINHD Crime & Investigation Network HD Entertainment
452 MTHD MOTORTREND HD Entertainment
360 MAGNHD Magnolia Network HD Entertainment
366 COOKHD (C) Cooking Channel HD Lifestyle
500 HALLHD Hallmark Channel HD Entertainment
502 HMM HD (C) Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD Entertainment
508 LIFE HD (C) Lifetime HD (Pacific) Lifestyle
516 LMN HD (C) Lifetime Movie Network HD (Pacific) Entertainment
518 FXMHD (C) FX Movie Channel HD Entertainment
227 WEHD WE tv HD Entertainment
528 IFCHD IFC HD Entertainment
286 CBSSNHD CBS Sports Network HD Sports
288 NFLNRZD NFL RedZone HD Sports
116 QVCHD QVC HD Lifestyle
609 STZHDP Starz HD (Pacific) Premium
607 STZCHD Starz Comedy HD Premium
608 STZEHD Starz Edge HD Premium
670 INDIEHD IndiePlex HD Premium
680 RETROHD RetroPlex HD Premium
276 SECH SEC Network HD Sports
324 FYIPHD (C) FYI HD (Pacific) Entertainment
326 DSCHDP (C) The Discovery Channel HD (Pacific) Entertainment
342 ANIMAL HD (C) Animal Planet HD (Pacific) Entertainment
346 TRAVPHD The Travel Channel HD (Pacific) Entertainment
350 TLCPHD (C) The Learning Channel HD (Pacific) Entertainment
368 FOOD HD (C) Food Network HD (Pacific) Lifestyle
364 HGTVPHD (C) Home & Garden Television HD (Pacific) Lifestyle
372 GSNPHD GSN HD (Pacific) Entertainment
406 DISNHDP Disney Channel HD (Pacific) Family
408 DJCHHDP Disney Junior US HD (Pacific) Family
410 DXDHDP Disney XD HD (Pacific) Family
522 AMCPHD (C) AMC HD (Pacific) Entertainment
672 SUNDHD SundanceTV HD Premium
290 LNGHRNH Longhorn Network HD Sports
118 JTVHD Jewelry Television HD Lifestyle
277 SEC SEC Network Sports
281 FS1 Fox Sports 1 Sports
321 VICEP Viceland (Pacific) Entertainment
375 GACFSD GAC FAMILY Entertainment
495 OWNP Oprah Winfrey Network (Pacific A Feed) Entertainment
305 FXXP FXX (Pacific) Entertainment
307 IDPAC Investigation Discovery (Pacific) Entertainment
331 NGC National Geographic Channel Entertainment
371 GSNP GSN (Pacific) Entertainment
1001 SMUS18 Stingray Adult Alternative Music
1037 SMUS14 Stingray Rock alt Country Americana Music
1039 SMUS13 Stingray Rock Alternative Music
1002 SMUS40 Stingray Broadway Music
1004 SMUS24 Stingray Bluegrass Music
1003 SM070 Stingray Hip Hop Music
1006 SMUS39 Stingray Chamber Music Music
1044 SMUS34 Stingray The Chill Lounge Music
1005 SMUS42 Stingray Y2K Music
1007 SMUS38 Stingray Classic Masters Music
1008 SM001 Stingray Classic Rock Music
1009 SM009 Stingray Country Classics Music
1010 SMUS09 Stingray Groove Disco & Funk Music
1011 SMUS10 Stingray Dance Clubbin' Music
1012 SMUS36 Stingray Easy Listening Music
1013 SMUS06 Stingray Everything 80's Music
1014 SMUS05 Stingray Flashback 70's Music
1015 SMUS19 Stingray Folk Roots Music
1017 SMUS26 Stingray Gospel Music
1018 SMESP36 Stingray Hard Rock Music
1019 SMUS01 Stingray Hit List Music
1020 SMUS11 Stingray Holiday Hits Music
1021 SMUS21 Stingray Hot Country Music
1022 SMUS43 Stingray Jammin' Music
1023 SMUS31 Stingray Jazz Masters Music
1024 SMUS32 Stingray Jazz Now Music
1025 SMUS04 Stingray Jukebox Oldies Music
1026 SMUS50 Stingray Kids' Stuff Music
1029 SMESP52 Stingray Rock En Español Music
1027 SMUS44 Stingray Latino Tropical Music
1028 SMUS47 Stingray Latino Urbana Music
1030 SMUS08 Stingray Maximum Party Music
1031 SMUS22 Stingray No Fences Music
1032 SM045 Stingray Eclectic Electronic Music
1033 SMUS02 Stingray Pop Adult Music
1034 SMUS37 Stingray Pop Classics Music
1049 SMUS49 Stingray Romance Latino Music
1035 SMUS46 Stingray Retro Latino Music
1016 SM043 Stingray Classic R&B and Soul Music
1038 SMUS13 Stingray Rock Alternative Music
1036 SMUS14 Stingray Rock Music
1040 SM120 Stingray Romance Latino Music
1041 SMUS27 Stingray Soul Storm Music
1042 SMUS03 Stingray Standards Music
1043 SMUS17 Stingray The Blues Music
1045 SMUS25 Stingray The Light Music
1046 SM022 Stingray The Spa Music
1047 SMUS45 Stingray Today's Latin Pop Music
1048 SMUS28 Stingray Urban Beats Music
311 AHC American Heroes Channel Lifestyle
219 YOUTOAM Youtoo America Entertainment
216 WEP WE tv (Pacific) Entertainment
531 WFNUS World Fishing Network (US) Entertainment
407 DISNP Disney Channel (Pacific) Family
114 EWTNES EWTN Español Faith
604 STARZP Starz (Pacific) Premium
601 STZCIP Starz Cinema (Pacific) Premium
602 STZC Starz Comedy Premium
603 STZKP Starz Kids (Pacific) Premium
605 STZIBP Starz in Black (Pacific) Premium
610 ENCORP Encore (Pacific) Premium
611 STZENAP (C) Encore Action (Pacific) Premium
612 ENCRCL Encore Classic HD Premium
650 ENCWSP Encore Westerns (Pacific) Premium
659 ENCRBLP Encore Black (Pacific) Premium
660 ENCFAMP Encore Family (Pacific) Premium
662 ENCSUSP Encore Suspense (Pacific) Premium
218 OANHD One America News Network HD News
306 IDPACHD Investigation Discovery HD (Pacific) Entertainment
374 GACFHD GAC FAMILY HD Entertainment
606 STRZCIH Starz Cinema HD Premium
320 VICEPHD Viceland HD (Pacific) Entertainment
2 KTVU Local SF KTVU Local
4 KRON Local SF KRON Local
5 KPIX Local SF KPIX Local
7 KGO Local SF KGO Local
9 KQED Local SF KQED Local
11 KNTV Local SF KNTV Local
14 KDTV Local SF KDTV Local
20 KOFY Local SF KOFY Local
1214 VUDU VUDU Premium
388 CMT HD (C) Country Music Television HD Pacifc Entertainment
422 NIKTNHD Nicktoons Network HD Family
462 SPIKPHD (C) Spike TV HD (Pacific) Entertainment
384 VH1PHD VH1 HD (Pacific) Entertainment
486 CCHDP Comedy Central HD (Pacific) Entertainment
430 TVLDPHD (C) TV Land HD (Pacific) Family
378 BETHDP BET HD (Pacific) Lifestyle
380 MTVPHD (C) MTV - Music Television HD (Pacific) Entertainment
382 MTV2PHD MTV2 West HD Entertainment
418 NICJRHD Nick Jr HD Family
212 CNBCWLD CNBC World News
416 SPROUT Sprout Family
250 GOLFHD The Golf Channel HD Sports
472 OXYGNHP Oxygen HD (Pacific) Entertainment
456 SYFY HD (C) Syfy HD (Pacific) Entertainment
482 USAHDP (C) USA Network HD (Pacific) Entertainment
488 EHD E! Entertainment Television HD Entertainment
474 BRAVO HD (C) Bravo HD (Pacific) Entertainment
466 TNTPHD Turner Network TV HD (Pacific) Entertainment
400 TOONPHD Cartoon Network HD (Pacific) Family
468 TBSHDP TBS HD (Pacific) RACE - Entertainment
476 TRUTVHP truTV HD (Pacific) Entertainment
478 TCM Turner Classic Movies Entertainment
109 CSPAN2 CSPAN2 News
110 CSPAN3 CSPAN3 News
310 AHCHD American Heroes Channel HD Lifestyle
292 LNGHRN Longhorn Network Sports
1050 SMUS07 Stingray Nothin' But 90's Music
497 FREFRMP Freeform (Pacific) Family
496 FRFMHDP Freeform HD (Pacific) Family
613 STZENAC Starz Encore Action Premium
658 STZENBK Starz Encore Black Premium
317 AETVP A&E Network (Pacific) Entertainment
268 ESPN2HD ESPN2 HD Sports