You Asked, We Answered!

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Having issues with your remote or TV?  Check out our FAQ for answers to the most common issues and questions we receive.

How many shows can I record at once?

You may record two shows and watch a third.

How many hours of TV can I record?

With 500GB of storage space, you can record anywhere from 150 to 300 hours depending on the quality of the programs you prefer to watch (SD vs HD)

My guide is only showing 3 channels at a time, what should I do?

Keep in mind that the guide function allows you to see things by filtered topics such as SD channels, HD channels, etc. If you find yourself not able to see your full guide, hit the guide button and look at the Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 5.12.47 PM icon on the left-hand side of your screen until you see “All” appear next to it. This will reset your guide to show all your channels.

My TV says “No signal,” what should I do?

Make sure you check your HDMI settings on your TV. Press the HDMI button on your remote and select your input.

I AM pressing the guide button, but nothing seems to be happening? What gives?

In this case, select the STB button (located at the top of your remote under the power button) then hit guide.

I cannot change the volume or TV setting from my remote.

Your remote is designed to handle different devices such as the receiver box and TV. In this case, press the TV button (at the top left hand of your remote, under the TV input button) and things should be back to normal.

My STB box is frozen and it doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

Go to your STB box and at the back of the box, unplug the box from the wall. Wait about 30 seconds and plug it back in. This should help re-establish your connection.

There’s this thing called VUDU on my screen. How do I get out of it?

VUDU is a preloaded streaming app that allows you to rent, buy and watch HD movies on-demand. Not interested, just wait until the home screen completely loads and press the exit button on your remote.

I’m interested in recording my favorite shows, but I’m not sure how to do it?

Press the Guide button, select your show and press the record button. Want to record the whole season? Press the record button twice.