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7 Reasons Why Parents Need Race CommandIQ®

As a parent in the digital age, keeping your kids safe online is a constant challenge. With the vast digital landscape kids navigate daily, it can be hard keeping up. A Kaspersky report shows that our little ones are more connected than ever, with 70% of kids spending at least 3 hours per day online. Now, more than ever, we must ensure their digital playground is as safe as possible.  

These statistics highlight the urgency for a comprehensive solution. Enter home network management apps, such as Race CommandIQ®. With our app at your fingertips, managing your child’s digital life becomes less of a minefield. Instead, you’re creating an environment for healthier digital habits and, more importantly, opening opportunities for quality time that reinforces family bonds.  

In this article, we’ll walk you through seven compelling reasons why parents need Race CommandIQ®. Join us on this journey to safer digital parenting! 

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Understanding Race CommandIQ®: Your Digital Guardian 

Race CommandIQ® is an innovative mobile app offering full control over your home network. It lets you see what and who’s connected, monitor usage, and manage access at a glance.  

The backbone of Race CommandIQ® lies in its two major components – ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ. They arm you with useful features, such as security alerts, device lists, parental controls, and more. 

Additionally, it boasts partnerships with top-tier safety providers like Bark and Arlo, amplifying your home’s digital security manifold. This home network app puts you in the driver’s seat, fostering a secure and efficient home network that parents can trust. 

Monitor Device Usage 

The first of many benefits of the Race CommandIQ® app is that you can track device usage stats. First, you set up profiles for each household member. Then, you can also assign devices to profiles.  

This useful feature provides an insightful perspective on your home network, enabling you to: 

  • Monitor the data usage of each connected device 
  • Keep tabs on device online times 
  • Identify which apps are consuming the most data 
  • Spot any unusual activity or patterns 

For parents, this feature is a goldmine of information. Worried about data caps? You can see if your child’s device consumes more than its fair share of data, ensuring you stay within your limits. 

Concerned about excessive screen time? You can pinpoint if your child is using their device excessively and take appropriate measures.  

Monitoring usage through the app empowers parents with knowledge, allowing them to make informed decisions about their child’s online activity and to manage their home network more efficiently. It’s more than just monitoring – it’s about fostering a balanced digital lifestyle within your family and optimizing your home network for everyone’s benefit. 

Turn Your Children’s Devices Off & On 

If monitoring usage gives you insights into your children’s behavior, this feature helps you enforce some ground rules.  

Picture this – it’s dinner time, and your kids are still engrossed in their online games or videos. Instead of negotiating screen time, you can tap a button and instantly disconnect their devices from the internet. This ensures that mealtimes, study hours, or bedtimes remain screen-free, fostering healthier routines and family bonds. 

Manage Screen Time & Set Time Limits 

Not only can you turn WiFi access on and off, but you can also plan time limits ahead. This Race CommandIQ® feature offers a practical solution for parents concerned about their children’s screen time. The reality is that kids could stay absorbed in YouTube or TikTok for 6 to 9 hours, an issue that has been flagged by the CDC 

However, with this remarkable feature, you can reclaim control, limiting digital distractions and ensuring that leisure screen time remains within the recommended two hours per day. This tool provides an immediate alert when a daily application time limit is hit, blocking access for the remainder of the day.  

But it doesn’t stop there. You can set offline hours, place general screen time limits, and even block internet access during specific periods, like school hours or nighttime. This helps curtail the potential negative effects of excessive screen time, such as attention difficulties and internet addiction.  

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Block Access to Specific Online Content 

In the vast sea of online content, safeguarding children from inappropriate online content is a paramount concern for parents. With alarming statistics revealing that the average age of first exposure to online pornography is just 12, and a staggering 15% of children encounter such content at 10 or younger, this parental control feature becomes necessary. It allows you to proactively filter out explicit or harmful content, ensuring your child’s online space is as safe as possible. 

Moreover, the issue of cyberbullying has been on the rise, with 60% of parents reporting their teenage children being victimized, and one-fifth of all bullying occurring through social media. Using this feature, you can block access to certain social media platforms or websites where these incidents are prevalent, reducing the likelihood of your child experiencing cyberbullying. 

Content filtering is a shield that offers you the power to protect your children from digital threats. It’s about building a safe digital playground where your children can learn, interact, and grow without the fear of encountering unsuitable content or cyberbullying. 

why parents need race commandiq

Create a Guest Network 

Setting up a guest WiFi network offers a smart way to segregate your home’s internet usage. By creating a separate WiFi network for your children or visitors, you protect the devices on your main network from potential security risks. 

Let’s face it – children, with their exploratory online behavior, are more likely to stumble upon malicious software that could jeopardize the safety of your home network. Using the guest network, you can isolate these potential risks, providing a secure browsing environment for your child without compromising the integrity of your primary network. 

But the benefits go beyond safety. Are your children having friends over for a movie or gaming night? The guest network lets them enjoy their activities without impinging on your bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted work calls or your own relaxation time with your favorite streaming service.  

Get Cybersecurity Alerts 

In a world teeming with online threats, the ProtectIQ® feature provides an extra layer of security against viruses, malware, and malicious websites. As part of your home’s defense mechanism, it operates autonomously to keep your network safe. 

Whenever a device in your home network is attacked, it automatically steps in. You’ll receive detailed alerts about the attempted attack, including which device was targeted and where the attack came from, while the system simultaneously takes action to secure your network. 

With cybersecurity alerts, your home network isn’t just protected – it’s proactive. The system preemptively blocks threats, keeping your family’s digital life secure without any manual intervention. It means you’re informed and reassured that Race CommandIQ® is vigilantly safeguarding your family’s online experiences. 

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Set Your Traffic Priorities 

The prioritization feature, also known as Quality of Service, is all about customization and balance. It puts you in charge of distributing your home network bandwidth, ensuring everyone gets their share based on their needs. This way, you don’t just manage your home network; you optimize it to keep everyone in your family happy and productive. 

Quality of Service (QoS) in Race CommandIQ® is a clever tool designed to help you prioritize the tasks that matter most. This feature offers the flexibility to designate bandwidth to certain devices or activities over others. As a result, you can ensure that your work-from-home assignments get priority internet access, minimizing disruptions during crucial meetings. 

However, the QoS feature doesn’t just make your work life smoother; it can also be a wonderful surprise for your kids too. Imagine their delight when you boost the bandwidth for their gaming console or streaming device right as school breaks for the weekend. With this tool, you can balance work responsibilities with recreational needs, creating a harmonious digital environment for everyone at home. 

Conclusive Thoughts 

The role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has evolved. Beyond connectivity, our subscribers seek comprehensive cybersecurity and the freedom to manage their home networks. At Race Communications, we’re ahead of the curve. Our Race CommandIQ® app isn’t just a tool, it’s your personal home network command center – a seamless blend of safety and convenience. 

After all, we’re not merely providing internet services; we’re handing you control of your digital environment while ensuring foolproof cybersecurity.  

Contact us today, and together let’s create a safer, smarter, and more interconnected digital future. Embrace Race CommandIQ® and gift your children valuable time – time for real-life interaction, learning, and growth. With Race, it’s about connection, not just connectivity.  

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