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10 Virtual Christmas Games for an Unforgettable 2023 Holiday Experience

It’s the most wonderful time of year. When the air buzzes with excitement, families gather to spend much-needed time together. But let’s face it: not everyone can gather around the same Christmas tree. Luckily, we can bond with virtual Christmas games instead.  

However, there’s a secret ingredient to playing these holiday games – a reliable internet connection. It’s the backbone of virtual celebrations; otherwise, we would deal with awkward silences and lagging. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves!  

For now, grab your ugly Christmas sweater and Santa hat. Let’s dive into a world of virtual Christmas games that promise to bring laughter and connection to your holiday season, no matter where you are. 

List of Top 10 Virtual Christmas Games

1. Festive Trivia Challenge

The Festive Trivia Challenge is a delightful blend of fun and competition, where participants answer questions about holiday traditions, iconic Christmas movies, and timeless carols.

Imagine challenging your friends to name all of Santa’s reindeer or recalling the plot twists of beloved films like “Home Alone” and “Elf.” How about a round where you guess the origins of holiday traditions, like Germany’s advent calendars or the story behind Spain’s “El Gordo” lottery?

This game is a fantastic way to test your holiday knowledge, from the magical world of “The Polar Express” to the historical roots of the Yule log. Perfect for groups who love a bit of competition, this game promises laughter and learning in equal measure.

2. Holiday Pictionary

Bring out your inner artist with Holiday Pictionary. Players can sketch and guess Christmas-themed words and phrases using a digital whiteboard like Zoom’s Whiteboard feature, such as ‘roasting chestnut’ or ‘mistletoe’. It’s a hit for all ages.

3. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Channel your inner Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé with Christmas Carol Karaoke. If you’re a vocal family, belt out your favorite holiday tunes together. Turn it into a competition by having participants vote for the best performance.

4. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

The Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a heartwarming tradition reimagined for the virtual world. You can send gifts in advance and open them together online, bringing the joy of surprise and sharing to your screen. This game requires some planning, but the excitement is worth it.

However, coordinating the gift exchange can be more challenging if participants live across different continents. In such cases, you can adapt the game. Participants can reveal what they’ve sent instead of opening the actual gifts during the virtual gathering. This way, everyone eagerly awaits the post-holiday arrival of their gifts.

It’s a delightful way to prolong the festive cheer into 2024, adding joy to the usual New Year’s resolutions and routines. 

5. Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo adds a festive twist to the classic game we all know and love, making it a perfect fit for your virtual holiday games lineup.

Each player has a bingo card with a grid of squares, each containing a different Christmas-themed item or activity. Players mark off the corresponding square on their card as the game host calls out these items – it could be anything from ‘spotted a reindeer decoration’ to ‘drank hot cocoa.’ The first to complete a specified pattern (like a line or full house) and shout “Bingo!” wins.

But why not add a personal touch? Encourage participants to create their own bingo cards before the game. They can fill the squares with unique, relatable experiences like ‘felt sick from eggnog’, ‘watched “Home Alone”‘, or ‘wore an ugly Christmas sweater.’ Special cards make the game more engaging and spark conversations as family members discover who else in the group has had similar holiday experiences.

virtual christmas games

6. Winter Wonderland Virtual Tour

Join the Winter Wonderland Virtual Tour, one of the most personal virtual holiday games. It’s your chance to give a virtual tour of your holiday setup. Show off your Christmas tree, share the festive decorations around your home, or display memorable holiday photos from previous years.

Don’t limit it to your home – take your family on a virtual stroll through your neighborhood or city. Share the festive lights, the holiday markets, or unique local decorations. It’s a simple way to see and celebrate diverse holiday traditions.

7. Christmas Around the World Quiz

Explore global traditions with the Christmas Around the World Quiz. This trivia game takes you through different cultures, uncovering how people celebrate Christmas worldwide. Did you know, for example, that in Venezuela, people head to church on roller skates on Christmas morning? Or that in Japan, a Christmas Eve feast might include a special meal from KFC? And let’s not forget the giant lantern festival in the Philippines, where colorful star-shaped lanterns, or ‘parols’, light up the night.

The questions for this virtual Christmas game can include:

  • Which country enjoys a ‘Christmas Witch’ called La Befana who delivers gifts?
  • In which country is it traditional to hide a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree?
  • In which country is it a tradition to eat twelve different dishes on Christmas Eve, symbolizing the twelve apostles?
  • Which Scandinavian country is known for its tradition of the ‘Yule Goat’?

Participants then take turns guessing the answers.

8. Holiday Family Story Sharing

Get into heartwarming tales with Holiday Family Story Sharing. This activity invites participants to share cherished Christmas memories, creating a tapestry of heartwarming tales.

Here are some holiday conversation starters:

  • How did you celebrate Christmas when you were a child?
  • What’s the most unique or unusual Christmas tradition you’ve ever experienced or heard of?
  • If time and money were no object, how would you choose to celebrate Christmas next year?
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie or song, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?
  • Share a Christmas memory that always makes you laugh or smile.
  • What’s the highlight of your year?

9. Seasonal Sounds Game

In this game, your family guesses holiday songs and sounds played by the host, from the crackling of a fire to the opening notes of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.

It’s an engaging and amusing way to test how well you know and remember iconic holiday sounds.

10. Virtual Snowman Building Competition

The Virtual Snowman Building Competition is the perfect virtual Christmas game for artistic families because it invites participants to make unique snowman designs.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy artist or a beginner, there are several ways to participate and bring your snowman to life:

  • Use simple and user-friendly apps like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or online platforms like Sketchpad. These tools offer a range of brushes and colors to design your snowman, perfect for those who love to draw. 
  • For a twist, create a snowman collage! Participants can use digital collage makers like Canva or PicCollage, which offer themed templates and images. You can provide a set of standard images for everyone to use, adding a layer of challenge to see how differently each participant uses the same resources. 
  • If you prefer the feel of paper and pencil, draw your snowman the old-fashioned way and then present it to the group using your webcam.  

And finally, add a personal touch to your snowman by incorporating family inside jokes or unique characteristics. Maybe your snowman is wearing dad’s infamous holiday sweater, adding humor and making each creation more personal and memorable.

The Role of High-Speed Internet in Enhancing Virtual Christmas Games

As we wrap up this festive guide to the top 10 virtual Christmas games, let’s remember that the essence of the holiday season lies in connection – and this is our area of expertise! Whether guessing a doodle in Holiday Pictionary, belting out a carol in Christmas Karaoke, or sharing a story, these moments become seamless and more enjoyable with a reliable internet connection.

So, as you prepare to host or join a virtual Christmas party, consider the role of a stable internet connection in enhancing your experience. With Race Communications’ high-speed fiber internet, you choose uninterrupted holidays and guarantee a merry and bright virtual celebration.

Happy holidays, and may your virtual Christmas games be merry, bright, and lag-free!