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10 Hottest “Connected” Tech Gifts for Kids This Christmas

As the festive season approaches, discerning parents wonder what Christmas gifts to choose for their children. In this realm, tech gifts for kids stand as a compelling option, blending innovation with enjoyment. However, before you decide on the latest smartwatch or VR set, ponder some key considerations: 

  • Does the tech gift serve a purpose beyond mere entertainment? Consider if it aligns with educational goals or fosters a hobby. 
  • Assess the likelihood of the gift leading to excessive use. It’s vital to strike a balance. 
  • Make sure the gift aligns with your child’s developmental stage and interests. The right choice resonates with their growing minds. 
  • Children are not always gentle. Opt for robust and resilient products designed to withstand enthusiastic play. 

Armed with these insights, we invite you on a journey through a meticulously selected array of tech gifts. Our collection spans from intellectually stimulating tablets to interactive plush toys, and even introductory coding classes tailored for the budding tech aficionado. Dive into our guide and discover the ideal tech treasure for your young one this Christmas. 

1. LeapPad® Academy Educational Tablet 

Source: LeapFrog YouTube 

The LeapPad® Academy Educational Tablet is designed to inspire and nurture the minds of children aged 3 to 8 years.   

With over 20 preloaded, educator-approved apps, this tablet is a powerhouse of learning. It covers various subjects, including math, reading, writing, coding, problem-solving, and creativity skills, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.  

Each LeapPad® Academy tablet comes with a free three-month trial of LeapFrog Academy™. This online program boasts over 2,000 games and activities, enriching the learning experience with content.   

For even more educational fun, the LeapFrog App Center offers hundreds of additional games, videos, eBooks, and apps. These resources create a personalized and enjoyable learning journey, covering everything from STEM subjects to social understanding and creativity. 

2. Garmin vívofit® jr. 3 – Marvel Smartwatch for Kids 

Source: Garmin 

Recognized as one of the best smartwatches for kids in 2023, vívofit® jr. 3 perfectly blends fun, functionality, and a touch of Marvel magic. 

The vívofit® jr. 3 tracks steps, sleep, and daily activity, encouraging a healthy lifestyle from a young age. As kids engage in play and exercise, they unlock Marvel Avengers adventures, games, and icons. 

The watch is durable and swim-friendly, with an easy-to-replace battery that lasts up to a year.  

For parents, the accompanying app is a handy tool. It allows you to manage chores, set reminders, and even reward your child for completing tasks. This feature is great for teaching responsibility and time management. 

3. Purrble Interactive Plush Companion 

tech toys for kids

Source: CNET 

Purrble is a unique, plush emotion management tool designed to help children with stress, anxiety, and emotional regulation. When children cuddle Purrble, its heartbeat synchronizes with their calming process, offering a tangible, comforting way to learn empathy and self-regulation. This interactive feature not only aids in understanding emotions but also provides a soothing experience.  

Simple, durable, and safe, Purrble is ideal for everyday play. It’s an engaging, educational toy that fosters emotional development in a fun, accessible way. With Purrble, children find not just a plaything but a responsive companion that turns learning about feelings into an enjoyable adventure. 

4. VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer™ 

The KidiStar DJ Mixer™ is a dynamic and interactive turntable toy that turns any child into a budding DJ. Perfect for children aged 5 to 10 years, this tech gift is ideal for those interested in music and with a flair for performance.  

Kids can create custom mixes by playing along with the 15 included songs. Kids can record their own sound effects and tags with an internal mic, adding a personal touch to their music mixes.  

The KidiStar DJ Mixer™ has a built-in speaker and dazzling party lights on the DJ rig, creating an authentic DJ booth atmosphere. 

 5. Nintendo Switch Lite 


Source: Nintendo 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable addition to the Nintendo Switch family, making it the ideal gift for gamers who love playing anywhere and everywhere. Despite its compact size, it offers robust social gaming features, allowing up to eight systems to connect for multiplayer fun.  

This sleek console stands out with its extensive game library. It supports all Nintendo Switch titles compatible with handheld mode, ranging from blockbuster adventures to unique indie games. It’s built for durability and ease of use, catering to gamers across all skill levels. Plus, with its impressive battery life, players can enjoy extended gaming sessions without frequent recharging. 

6. Pixicade 

Source: Amazon 

Pixicade is a unique and engaging tech gift for kids, blending drawing and video game creation. Perfect for children who love art and video games, this platform allows them to transform their hand-drawn designs into playable digital games in just seconds. It’s entertaining and educational, introducing game design and coding basics in a way that feels like play.  

With its user-friendly technology, Pixicade nurtures creativity, problem-solving skills, and an interest in STEM fields. Children feel a sense of accomplishment as they see their creations come to life, fostering independence and confidence.   

7. Kobo Clara HD 

tech gifts for kids

Perfect for avid young readers, the Kobo Clara HD combines eye-friendly features like ComfortLight PRO for adjustable lighting and a 6″ glare-free screen for outdoor reading. Its massive 8 GB storage can hold up to 6,000 eBooks, ensuring a vast library at your child’s fingertips. 

This e-reader is customizable for a comfortable reading experience, offering various fonts and sizes, and includes a built-in dictionary to aid learning. Parents can add a passcode for security, so you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized purchases. 

8. Nanoleaf Canvas 

Source: Nanoleaf 

The Nanoleaf Canvas is an innovative tech gift that transforms any child’s room into a dazzling world of interactive light. Perfect for tech-savvy families, it offers a modern touch to living spaces, combining fun with the allure of smart home technology. 

Beyond just lighting, the Nanoleaf Canvas is packed with smart features like the Rhythm Music Visualizer and Screen Mirror, syncing with music for a dynamic audio-visual experience or mirroring screen colors for enhanced gaming or movie sessions. Its sleek, edgeless design adds a futuristic look to any room, and with hassle-free installation, it’s a versatile addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or gaming dens. 

9. Yoto Player 

Source: Yoto Play 

The Yoto Player is designed to provide entertainment without the need for a screen, making it a healthier alternative for kids. It’s perfect for parents who want to reduce screen time while offering engaging and educational content. 

It comes with physical cards and NFC sensors that trigger stories, podcasts, guided meditations, and audiobooks. Children simply insert a card into the slot to start listening. With no microphone, camera, or ads, the Yoto Player is built with your child’s safety and privacy in mind. It’s a worry-free option for parents who are conscious about online safety. 

10. Scratch Ninja Class

tech gifts for kids

Introducing Scratch Ninja, a live online coding class designed to spark a love for coding in kids. Using Scratch, a vibrant, drag-and-drop platform created by MIT, this class makes learning coding fundamentals engaging and accessible. Perfect for beginners, it requires no prior coding experience. 

In Scratch Ninja, young learners will grasp core coding concepts like sequences, loops, and conditionals through interactive lessons. The class’s colorful and intuitive interface ensures a fun learning experience, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. Scratch Ninja is the perfect first step in your child’s journey into coding. 

Final Thoughts on Tech Gifts for Kids

As we wrap up our exploration of the best tech gifts for kids, it’s clear that the digital world offers many options to delight, educate, and inspire our young ones.   

However, amidst the excitement of these wonderful tech gifts, let’s not forget the most precious gift of all – our time and undivided attention. Gifts pale compared to shared moments and memories with loved ones.  

So, as we approach the festive season, let’s balance the allure of technology with the warmth of personal connection. May your holidays be filled with joy, love, and shared moments of happiness. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may the new year bring you more opportunities to create lasting memories with your loved ones.