The Anatomy of Your Race Order: What Should You Expect?

You’ve filled out your Race inquiry form and we’ve been keeping you in the loop about any updates. Now, your order form is ready and you’ve selected your desired Race services and placed an order with us.

the leading fiber internet provider in california

So, what happens now? Every community is different, but here are some general guidelines that we follow.

1. Your Order is Processed

Once you’ve placed your order either online or over the phone, our in-house Customer Service team will process it. Within 24-48 business hours, you should receive a welcome call that will review your order, confirm your selected services, and go over the next steps of what to expect.

2. Let’s Discuss: Aerial vs. Underground Drop

We ask for your address at the start of every form and call because depending on your location, we typically know whether your property is an aerial or underground drop. This is all determined in our engineering and construction phases.

Here’s the difference between these two terms:

  1. Aerial Drops: Typically, a Race technician will install a line from a telephone pole to the side of your home and connect the fiber optic cord along the existing utility line to your home. Aerial drops are usually done within 7-10 business days after your order is placed. Once the drop is completed, our scheduling team is notified. Scheduling will then call the homeowner to schedule the final in-home installation.
  2. Underground Drops: If your home is an underground drop, make sure your conduit has been approved by a field engineer.
    Note: Race does not dig on private property and a pull string must be provided so that technicians may pull the fiber through the underground conduit. If you have been deemed underground, but do not have existing conduit, make sure to review our underground specifications form before performing any work. See here for more details.

3. Fiber Lines Installed – What’s Next?

Next comes the “Day Of” or “In-Home” Installation. A Race technician will be present for this step. Make sure to know where exactly you want your equipment to permanently be. Remember, once the technician installs the equipment, you can’t move it again.

How does fiber internet work? The first piece of equipment the technician will install will be the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which is a piece of equipment that take the fiber optic cable and convert it into an Ethernet connection. After the ONT has been installed, the technician will install any other equipment you may have ordered such as a DVR or set-top box.

Once all your equipment is in place, it’s time to run a speed test to make sure your Race services are up to par. Then, the technician will show you how to access your network and provide you with your login information.

the leading fiber internet provider in california

Congratulations! You are officially connected to your new Race services. Now it’s time for you to upload, download, surf, and stream at never before seen speeds.

If at any point in time you have any questions about your products or any of our services, feel free to visit our website or call us at 877-722-3833.