Hitching post theaters in tehachapi

Tehachapi Celebrates the Return of Hitching Post Theaters

On a sunny Saturday, June 15, 2024, Tehachapi was abuzz with excitement as the beloved Hitching Post Theaters reopened its doors. The theater, a cherished local landmark, had closed in February following the tragic passing of its longtime owner, Will Viner. The community felt the absence keenly, longing for the return of their favorite movie spot. Thanks to new owners Amber Lee Mitchell and Lorena Semerenko, the Hitching Post Theaters is back, promising a revitalized movie experience. 

The theater originally opened in 1994, “… and it was a huge shock that it closed overnight. We just wanted to bring it back,” said Amber Lee Mitchell. Lorena Semerenko, added, “With such a small town, we have very limited things to do for children, families, and date nights. This place has been a staple and continues to be so.” 

The grand reopening featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by about 200 community members and Tehachapi’s mayor, Michael Davies. Attendees enjoyed free popcorn and hotdogs, creating a festive atmosphere. 

Hitching Post Theaters Tehachapi Opening

 Significant upgrades to the projection systems and a commitment to serving the community position the theater as a central entertainment hub. Race Communications provided six months of free fiber internet to support the theater’s operations. Lorena Semerenko expressed gratitude, saying, “If it wasn’t for Race, we wouldn’t be functioning. They were the first to contribute.” 

The theater’s return brings much-needed entertainment options for Tehachapi residents, who previously traveled to Bakersfield or Lancaster for similar experiences. This local option not only saves time and travel costs but also encourages more frequent visits, fostering a stronger community bond. 

Mayor Michael Davies highlighted the broader impact, saying, “It has been a landmark for many years, and it’s wonderful to see it now in the hands of local owners who have also hired locally. The theater is poised to become an attraction that draws visitors from other communities to Tehachapi, benefiting our community, especially our downtown businesses.” 

Race Communications at Hitching Post Theaters in Tehachapi

The reopening of Hitching Post Theaters was a great day for Tehachapi, reigniting communal spirit and bringing joy to residents. This iconic institution, with its rich history and modern upgrades, is set to create many more memories. We at Race Communications are proud to be part of the story of reopening this movie theater that strengthens the community and keeps the magic of the movies alive in Tehachapi.