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Race Communications Expands into the City of Tehachapi by Launching Fiber-Based Gigabit Internet

Race Communications, the leading provider of fiber-based broadband and communications in California continues to bridge the digital divide with their first installation of services in Tehachapi, CA. With this expansion Race brings its stellar communication lineup to Tehachapi including its flagship internet, TV, and phone services that allow residents to have a better connection. 





In this digital age, staying connected is a necessity. Race simplifies staying in touch, with fast and reliable gigabit fiber internet. The new services will benefit businesses and residents of Tehachapi allowing them to stay ahead of technological innovations. Jim Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Race Communications, understands the difference fiber internet can make, saying, “Fiber internet is the future of connectivity, and we’re thrilled to bring this technology to the residents and businesses of Tehachapi.” 

Additionally, the launch of services in Tehachapi will allow customers to experience a whole new level of internet performance by allowing them to stay more connected and increase productivity. Michael Josue, a new customer of Race Communications, has only positive things to say about his new internet service provider. “Race has exceeded my expectations throughout the order and installation process, and I look forward to being a customer for years to come.” 

Race has been a service provider in the area since 2015, beginning with building its network in the nearby communities of Stallion Springs, Bear Valley Springs, and Oak Knolls. Their latest launch in Tehachapi proves that Race is dedicated to offering reliable internet service for a reasonable price to all underserved areas of California. Their customers inspire them as they grow and expand their reach throughout California. 

Customers will experience a new level of internet performance with this innovative service, streamlining their communications and connection to the world. 

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