Secure Your Home The Wireless Way

Home security is an area in which secure, high-speed internet from Race really shines, by providing the reliable, robust connectivity needed between you, your home, and first responders—whether you’re actually home or not.

Thinking of upgrading to wireless security? Consider some basic choices, including whether to go with do-it-yourself kits or professionally installed systems. Expect the price to rise depending on the monitoring and equipment.

Choices include video doorbells, indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion sensors, door break alarms, and smart locks (including some that unlock when a smoke detector goes off).

You can choose how much coverage you want by adding window, door, and motion sensors in various configurations. Sirens are another option. And don’t forget outdoor security lighting.

The Power of Wireless Integration

Smart home security systems allow you to customize and control from afar via apps on your smartphone or tablet, powered by your home WiFi network. Depending on the system, alerts can be delivered by text, email, phone call, or all of the above. Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers also can be used.

All these systems can be integrated, too, using a wall control panel that also communicates with your smartphone and can include more functions such as turning on and off lights and controlling the thermostat.

Some Brand Names

Video doorbells already have proven themselves invaluable in the battle against porch pirates, those thieves who prey on package deliveries. They also act as a kind of caller ID for the front door. The best-known names here include Ring, Nest, and Vivint.

Nest and Ring also are among those suppliers of configurable, expandable do-it-yourself systems, as is SimpliSafe.

Professionally installed systems are still a specialty for venerable names like ADT and Brinks, and relative newcomer CPI.

The Price To Pay

A simple DIY video doorbell can cost from less than $15 to about $200, depending on the device.

According to HomeAdvisor, an average security system installation costs about $1,500. That webpage includes a project estimator that can give you a better idea based on what your system would include.

So yes, there’s a price to pay. But just think of the convenience and safety. That’s why they’re called smart home security systems, after all.

And before you invest, don’t forget to check with Race to make sure you have the high-speed internet you need to power these wireless devices and more.