Here are 4 Reasons You Still Need a Landline

With the rise of smartphones and wireless technology, landlines have become inconvenient and, therefore, nearly obsolete. According to Statista, less than 30% of households still own one. However, there are still valid reasons why you should maintain it in addition to your mobile phone.

Think of your mobile phone as a sleek, fast, and flashy sports car. Your landline, on the other hand, is like a reliable family sedan – not as flashy, but dependable and always there when you need it. Having one is like having a backup plan – something you can rely on when your mobile phone isn’t available or doesn’t work as well.  

In this blog post, we’ll explore four reasons you might still need it. Keep reading to find out! 

1. Stay Safe in Emergency Situations

During an emergency, a landline can be a lifeline. Unlike mobile phones, they don’t rely on batteries, signal strength, or WiFi networks to work. They use copper wires that run directly from the phone to the phone jack and underground to the telephone.  

You can always rely on your landline to communicate during a power or internet outage. For example, suppose there’s an outage due to a natural disaster, and you’ve been hurt. In that case, a landline is a lifesaver.   


2. Enjoy Quality and Reliable Telephone Calls

While mobile phones are convenient, they can sometimes be unreliable. Factors such as signal strength, network congestion, and battery life can all affect the quality of a mobile phone call. In contrast, landlines typically offer 100% reliability.  

Additionally, with a landline, you’re less likely to drop calls or experience interference from other electronic devices. And while you need to charge your smartphone to call someone, a landline never runs out of battery. 

3. Steer Clear of Cyberattacks

When it comes to security, landlines offer a more secure communication channel compared to mobile phones. Mobile phones, computers, and tablets are vulnerable to hacking, interception, spying, and other cyberattacks. Not being online, landlines steer clear of them. And since they’re are vanishing, it’s much less likely criminals will target them.  

4. Save Over $700 Yearly

If you make a lot of phone calls and want to save some money, you could still benefit from a landline. Many ISPs offer bundled packages that include it at a discounted rate. Additionally, if you make long-distance calls, landlines are less expensive than mobile phones.  

While the average cost of a cellphone plan in the USA in 2020 was $113. In contrast, landline users only pay $42 monthly for their telephone services, including long-distance calls. Local-only packages are typically even cheaper. The verdict? Keeping a landline can save hundreds of dollars per year.  

Who Still Needs a Landline?  

While anyone can benefit from having a landline, there are a few groups that may find a landline particularly useful:  


While many seniors also embrace wearable devices and other tech, they might still prefer what their generation used the most. After all, old habits die hard!  

Their main benefit is that they’re straightforward to use. Additionally, many phones have larger buttons and other accessibility features that make them foolproof.  

Families with Young Children  

A landline can be especially useful for families with young children. In an emergency, a young child can struggle to remember how to call 911 from a mobile phone. Using a landline is much easier, and there are fewer chances something will go wrong in the process.  

Additionally, young children don’t always have their own smartphones. Until then, having a landline is a convenient alternative.  

People in Areas with Poor Signal  

While mobile phones are widely used, there are still areas where coverage can be spotty or unreliable. In these cases, a landline can provide a more reliable means of communication. Wherever you are, it will always be there for you.  

Do You Still Need a Landline: Final Thoughts  

While mobile phones have become ubiquitous, there are still valid reasons to keep a landline. From emergency preparedness to budgeting, landlines offer unique advantages that mobile phones can’t replace.   

A landline is always there for you if everything else fails. Smartphones break, get lost, and are stolen – but you can always count on your landline if you ever need to make a call. Keeping one lets you stay connected and prepared for whatever comes your way.   

In the end, the choice is up to you – most people get along just fine without a landline. But while it isn’t as trendy as the newest smartphone, remember that it can’t be outdone in times of crisis.