RACE welcomes BVS into the fiber family!

Race is a licensed telecommunications company that provides fiber based internet, phone, and television services to various communities across California. Predominantly, we work to provide our services to areas of California that are currently unserved or underserved. As such, we are in the process of completing construction and beginning our release of Bear Valley Springs.

On October 15th of this year, RACE held an informational meeting at the Bear Valley Springs Police department as a precursor to the release of our fiber-to-home services in their area. In attendance was CEO Raul Alcaraz, who discussed our product offerings, explained our installation process, and made the announcement that the BVS police department was the first RACE customer in Bear Valley.

In addition, our product offerings were presented to the community so that residents could see fiber working in the community with their own eyes. To summarize, Race fiber-to-home internet is up to 1000x faster than other local DSL and cable internet services. Our internet has symmetrical speeds, meaning it downloads and uploads content at the same speed and consistency in both directions. Being that Race’s internet is fiber-to-home installation, the service is more resistant to inclement weather, especially as compared to traditional copper wiring. Additionally, Race does not implement data caps, so our customers can use their internet service whenever they want and however much they want.

Race also offers fiber based home phone service for the highest-quality voice calls. Our unlimited phone lines come with nationwide calling, a full range of call and phone features, and very low international rates. While the basic plan is ideal for very low usage situations, our full-featured unlimited plan is geared toward typical households. Regardless of plan choice, all of our phone service is delivered via traditional landline (not Voice Over IP) and as such, is reliable even in a power outage.

Race’s newest product, RaceTV, is a comprehensive television offering. This new, top of the line product is also delivered over our company’s fiber-to-the-premises network and subsequently does not compress the video data, thus delivering the most superior HD-quality video. The service includes all of the most popular US cable stations-nearly 300 HD and SD channels, which includes a variety of news, sports and entertainment offerings. Furthermore, Race also offers the newest in DVR technology and Video OnDemand. Lastly, Race has comprised a full fiber based bundle which offers all of our highest end products and equipment for UNDER $200/mo.

Bringing our services to a community is a resource intensive project that requires careful research and planning. From start to finish there are 4 main phases to our process, each with its own sub-steps and processes.

We spend a lot of time researching and exploring your communities in an effort to develop our construction plan. RACE must research and work alongside local authorities on permitting and other issues. Due to a number of factors, we can never promise an installation date for newly released communities. However, we would like to announce that we will soon be reaching out to residents to explain the ordering and installation process in further detail as we begin to release the order form to certain areas within the blue zone in the coming weeks.

Finally, Race would like to welcome our new customers in Bear Valley Springs to the fiber family!