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Race Communications vs Frontier: Which Fiber Internet Service Provider is Better? [2024]

For those on the lookout for fiber internet in California, the competition often narrows down to two Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Race Communications vs Frontier.  

Race Communications offers personalized customer service with cutting-edge fiber internet services. It’s a smaller company, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality and community engagement. 

On the flip side, Frontier has a much broader footprint, active in 25 states as of 2023. It’s been making significant strides from cable internet to fiber-optic technology.  

This guide is your shortcut to making an informed decision in choosing your next ISP. Let’s find the right fiber internet provider for you. 

Disclaimer: This blog does not cover limited-time offers, and prices may differ based on location. We have based the information in this blog on the most current data available as of March 18th, 2024. 

How does Race Communications compare to Frontier?

Feature Race Communications Frontier
Technology Fiber Optics Copper & Fiber Optics
Max Internet Speeds Up to 10 Gbps Up to 5 Gbps
Pricing for 1 Gbps $70 $59.99
No Contracts Termination fees until 12 months
Free Installation
Free Router
Local Customer Support
TV Services Basic TV at $39/mo. Basic Cable-free TV at $62.99/mo.
Phone Services

Race Communications focuses on high-performance fiber-optic technology, offering speeds up to 10 Gbps – the fastest residential internet in California. This is twice the maximum speed that Frontier provides, with Frontier’s services also including copper lines that can’t match the performance of pure fiber optics. 

Race Communications further solidifies its customer-centric approach with no-contract flexibility, avoiding the potential burden of termination fees which are present with Frontier until a 12-month period is fulfilled. Their customer-friendly stance is supported by their policy of free installations and routers, which are also provided by Frontier, indicating industry-standard practices. 

Race Communications vs Frontier: Plans & Pricing

  • Race specializes in fiber-optic internet with symmetrical upload and download speeds that can reach up to 10 Gbps. 
  • Frontier provides a range of options including DSL and fiber-optic internet. Speeds vary depending on the technology and location, with DSL speeds generally lower than fiber. 
Speed Race Communications Frontier
25 Mbps $35
500 Mbps $50 $44.99
1 Gbps $70 $59.99
2 Gbps $99.99
5 Gbps $154.99
10 Gbps $120

Both Race Communications and Frontier offer four distinct internet plans, catering to a range of needs from basic to ultra-fast speeds.

While both providers have similarly priced mid-tier plans around 500 Mbps, Frontier lacks lower-tier, more affordable options for basic users, positioning Race as a potentially more accessible choice for those seeking both entry-level and cutting-edge internet solutions 

Notably, Race’s 10 Gbps plan is offered at a price point lower than Frontier’s 5 Gbps option, demonstrating exceptional value for top-tier speeds. 

Race Communications vs Frontier: Customer Service & Support

Race’s approach to customer support reflects their commitment to community and personalized service, while Frontier’s broader reach often negatively affects customer satisfaction. 

In short: 

  • Race Communications operates in California, providing a more localized customer support experience.  
  • They employ local people and offer dedicated support lines for almostnearly eachevery community they serve. 
  • Race Communications offers customer support from 8 AM to 12 AM PST, Monday through Saturday, available for their customer base nearly all week. 
  • Frontier operates across 25 states, leading to a less personalized customer support experience due to its broad customer base. 
  • While offering various channels of customer support, Frontier has been criticized for being tough to contact and providing unsatisfactory support, including when resolving their own mistakes. 

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Race CommandIQ vs. MyFrontier: App Comparison

Choosing the right ISP isn’t just about speed and pricing. It’s about the quality and features of their service apps. ISPs are shifting from mere service providers to subscribers’ partners in navigating the internet safely. 

Race CommandIQ shines with its extensive network management features, smart home integration, and security tools, catering to tech-savvy users who desire complete control over their home ecosystem. 

  • Network Overview: Simplify the view of your network and connected devices. 
  • Parental Controls: Manage profiles and set content filters with ease. 
  • Network Management: Conduct speed tests and manage network traffic effectively. 
  • Guest Networks: Set up guest networks quickly for visitors. 
  • Enhanced Security: Offers built-in security features, giving users peace of mind. 

MyFrontier focuses on delivering a solid account and service management experience, ensuring users can handle their billing and service issues with ease. 

  • Account Management: View and manage billing and service appointments efficiently. 
  • Notification System: Track your billing and never miss a payment. 
  • Service Connectivity: Direct communication with service technicians for appointment updates. 
  • Support Access: Quick help with a call-back feature for troubleshooting. 
  • Service Tracking: Real-time updates and modifications to services and technician appointments. 

While MyFrontier keeps you in the loop with your account and services, Race CommandIQ takes it a step further, turning your smartphone into a central command for your entire home network, which is especially beneficial for families and those invested in smart home technology. 

Race Communications vs. Frontier: Final Verdict

For those in California seeking the best Frontier alternatives, Race Communications offers a compelling proposition. With its superior top internet speeds, consumer-centric policies, and innovative services like the Race CommandIQ app, Race Communications asserts itself as a prime choice.  

Ready to experience the next level of connectivity? Explore what Race has to offer. 

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Is Race Communications available everywhere?   

Race focuses on areas where it can deliver its fiber-optic network, so availability may be limited. 

See the Race Communications Service Areas here.  

Can I bundle services with Race Communications?   

Just like Spectrum, Race offers bundles that include TV and phone services. RaceTV plans start at $39/month. Phone is $10/month.

Read more about RaceTV here.

What is Race Communications customer support like?  

Race’s community-focused approach may offer more personalized service than Frontier’s larger operations. 

We’re available 8 AM – 12 AM PST, Monday-Saturday. 

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