How to Manage Your Race Account

Race Communications has made a move to “Go Green” with our new paperless billing option for customers.  Race customers who choose this option can continue to pay their bills via phone, mail or through our customer web portal.  You can also set up auto-pay for your monthly billing cycle.

We are excited about bringing you the best fiber-based internet and customer service around today. We’ve come up with a quick How To Guide so you can access and manage your account.  You can also view our “How To” Video on YouTube. 



TIP 1: LOGIN TO YOUR RACE ACCOUNT – You can access your customer dashboard at  Click on Sign In and you will be prompted to enter your Race Client ID and Password.  Your Race Client ID should be your account number.


TIP  2: PAPERLESS BILLING – Instead of receiving your bill in the mail, you can choose our paperless option and receive your bill via email.  You still have the option of paying your bill via phone, mail or auto-pay. The transition to go paperless is simple. You can access your customer dashboard by signing in to your account at  Your customer dashboard will give you the option to SWITCH NOW to paperless billing.


TIP 3: UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS – To update your email, click the BILLS & PAYMENT tab, then click Billing Options in the TOOLBOX.   Enter your email in the box provided and click Add Email. You can also click Delete to remove an email from your list.


TIP 4: UPDATE MAILING ADDRESS – To update your billing address click on the ACCOUNT SETTING tab.  Enter your updated information in the designated space, then click the Change button.


TIP 5: SET UP AUTO-PAY – To automate your monthly payments click on the BILLS & PAYMENT tab, then click Billing Options in the TOOLBOX. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD NEW CARD.  Enter your credit card information and check the Use this Credit Card for repeat payments box, then click the Add Card button.


If you have any questions please call one of our Race Team members at 877-722-3833.