How Smart Technology Can Cut Your Medical Bills

If your family’s health care expenses keep growing every year, we have good news. Emerging smart health technologies like telemedicine and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices can lower your out-of-pocket medical costs.

Essentially a virtual doctor’s visit, telemedicine uses video conference technology, such as FaceTime or Skype, to communicate with a healthcare provider. There are many quality on-demand medical services available, most of which cost under $50 to remotely connect with a doctor to receive a diagnosis and a prescription if necessary. Nowadays, health care plans will often include a remote doctor’s service. The embedded technology within IoMT devices capture and share specific health data with your doctor over the internet or during a telemedicine visit.

Here’s our guide to IoMT devices your family can use to cut medical costs.

Spare yourself a Doctor’s visit with a Smart Speaker

Millions of Americans visit the ER every year as a result of accidents at home.  Amazon Echo with Alexa offers the Mayo Clinic First Aid skill, which provides instructions that may prevent an unnecessary ER visit. (Call 911 for life-threatening injuries.) Using Alexa, the voice-controlled personal assistant, you can ask questions about dozens of common issues, including fever, cuts, burns, and spider bites. For emergencies, Alexa can advise you on how to care for the injured or sick person until help arrives.

Manage your asthma with an app

Asthma affects more than 26 million Americans, including 6 million children. Propeller attaches to most asthma inhalers and Bluetooth spirometers. The built-in sensors track medicine dosing frequency. Upload the data to a free, downloadable app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to better manage asthma symptoms and triggers. You can share treatment reports over the internet with your doctor or during a telemedicine visit.

Share reports with your Pediatrician

Ear infections are a very common childhood illness. Cellscope Oto has built-in technology to assess if your little one’s ears are healthy or infected. The portable otoscope records video of the eardrum using your iPhone and a downloadable companion app called Seymour. It can then send the video to an on-call doctor through the app and receive a reply in less than two hours. You can also email the video to your pediatrician or share during your child’s virtual doctor visit.

Track your cold & flu symptoms

When cold and flu season comes around, the Kinsa Smart Digital Thermometer is a must for your family. Just plug the thermometer into a smartphone with the free app installed, and it will provide a temperature reading in eight seconds or less. The app tracks symptoms, diagnoses, and medications to share with your doctor. You can also set up a telemedicine visit directly through the app.

Talk to your doctor today about these smart health technology options and how you can use them to lower your family’s health care costs. Make sure you have blazing fast Race internet to ensure that your smart medical devices work correctly and that you have a good remote connection with your doctor.