what is a guest network
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What is a Guest WiFi Network (& Why Do You Need It)

A guest WiFi network is essential for networks with a constant flow of guests and visitors. Additionally, they can offer a personal touch and allow guests to enjoy the internet without disturbing your primary home internet connection.  

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If you’re squeamish about sharing your home internet password with every guest, consider setting up a guest WiFi network. These networks can be a great way to provide internet access for your guests, IoT devices, or children. They’re simple, convenient, and easy to set up. But how exactly do they work? Why do we need them? And how can you set one up for your visitors? Let’s dive in. 

what is a guest network

What is a Guest WiFi Network? 

A guest WiFi network is a separate network you can set up for visitors. That way, your home network stays safe behind a firewall that protects it from any unauthorized access or malicious attacks. And don’t worry: it doesn’t slow down your internet. 

Meanwhile, guests can safely use their devices on the guest WiFi without compromising online personal data or exposing your family to potential malware on their devices.  

Similarly, many parents put their children’s devices on a guest WiFi network. Simply because children are more likely to accidentally download malicious software while browsing the web on their phone or tablet, putting all the other devices on your home’s network at risk as well. 

Put Your IoT Devices on a Guest Network 

Aside from visitors and children, ISPs often recommend setting up a guest account for IoT devices too. As it turns out, putting your smart home devices on a guest network is the best way to protect them from malicious hackers. 

That said, if you’re worried about the security of your smart home, you can also do the following: 

  • Change all your devices’ default passwords 
  • Always use strong passwords 
  • Turn off any unnecessary features on each device’s settings page 
  • Keep your smart devices updated 

Once hackers gain access to one connected device, they can see all traffic and access data from other devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. But if that device is on a separate network, you curb the damage and keep your most private information safe. 

what is a guest network

How to Set Up a Guest WiFi Network 

While setting up a guest WiFi network used to be difficult, most modern ISPs make it very easy for users to set it up. So, there’s no excuse for you not to! 

You can set up a guest WiFi network by logging into your router, using your IP address. Alternatively, you can use your ISP’s network management app. You should be able to find an option to create a guest network easily. Then, choose the name for your new network (SSID) and set up a unique password.  

For example, the Race CommandIQ app allows users to set up a guest network in the ‘My Network’ section on the dashboard. Additionally, they can check network usage and assign devices to users. 

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From there, connecting to a guest network is the same as connecting to any other WiFi network. Your guests can select your guest network and enter the chosen password. If there’s nobody connected to the network or you want them to log off, you can also deactivate it and turn it back on whenever you’d like. 

And remember, you should change the password every few months, especially if you have a lot of guests or connected IoT devices. 

Conclusive Thoughts

In conclusion, a guest WiFi network is an extra security layer for your home network and one of the best ways to keep your home internet safe from hackers. We recommend setting it up for your smart home, guests, strangers, and children who are still learning how to stay safe online. 

You’ll enjoy higher levels of online security and privacy at no cost to your guests and a smart home setup. It’s a small step that goes a long way toward enhanced cybersecurity on your network, so don’t skip it! 

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