Guess What Green & Brown Zones?…

The Race train keeps coming!

Guess what’s next? Not one, but two zones are now open for orders!

Both Green and Brown zones, step right up to say good bye to old cooper and hello to fast fiber.

Bear Valley Springs, we are so proud to announce our new releases into two zones!

Ever since we entered the community of Bear Valley Springs, we’ve received your support. Now it’s time for homeowners in Green & Brown to experience what we have been talking about!

Today marks the day that you can officially start placing your orders for our fiber optic product line-up that includes:

  • Race Internet: Make your Internet connection fly–Gigafy. With speeds up to 100 times faster than DSL or cable, Race’s gigabit fiber-to-the-premises makes the Internet feel like it’s right next to you, on your own private network.
  • Race Phone: Race offers fiber-based phone service for the highest-quality voice calls. Our unlimited phone lines come with nationwide calling, a full range of call and phone features, and very low international rates. Since our phone service is a traditional landline and not VOIP, it is reliable even in a power outage.
  • Race TV: This new, top of the line product is delivered over our company’s fiber-to-the-premises network. The service includes all of the most popular US cable channels and has something for movie buffs and sports enthusiasts alike. Enjoy Superior HD-quality video, a variety of news, sports and entertainment channels and the newest in DVR technology and Video OnDemand and offers a comprehensive TV package with close to 300 SD and HD channels.

We know you all have waited anxiously for our services that allow you to upload, download and stream at never before seen speed. Our service allows symmetrical speeds, up to 1 Gigabyte, meaning it downloads and uploads content at the same speed and consistency in both directions.

Prior to the launch, all of the 4,800 residents had copper wiring running throughout town. Traditionally, copper wiring was designed to handle dated, analog communications such as Morse Code. But in today’s connected world, speed is a necessity that comes in the form of fiber optics.

Now you can experience speeds up to 100 times faster than DSL or cable!

Don’t forget to place your order today at or give us a call at 1-877-722-3833!