Five Smart Devices That Can Save You Money

When you’re connected to fast and reliable internet from Race, the “smart home of the future” instantly becomes a reality. Here are a few of our favorite devices on the market that can save you money and make yours the smartest home on the block.

  1. Third Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest’s newest thermostat takes being a smart device seriously. The Nest Learning Thermostat can turn down the temperature at night to ensure a good night’s sleep, boost the temperature during the morning and evening for cozy family time, and stabilize the temperature during the day to keep your bill under control. The device can even track your whereabouts in the house and adjust the heating and air conditioning accordingly, so you spend less to climate control unoccupied areas of your home.

  1. Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch

These smart switches employ “XCT Sensing Technology” that detects fine motion. If you’re in the room reading, typing, or watching TV, the smart switch will keep your lights active. Leave the room and the lights will switch off until you enter again, ensuring you don’t waste electricity and money on an empty room.

  1. My Smart Blinds

These smart blinds provide two levels of intelligence to manage privacy and energy in your home. The blinds are app-controlled, allowing you to open and close them from your phone or tablet. Turn the blinds to “Energy Saving Mode,” and they’ll sense the light coming through the windows and automatically close when the windows heat up, saving money on energy bills that can skyrocket in the sunny summer months.

  1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

This smart irrigation controller features an easy-to-navigate app that indicates yard zones and types of foliage to provide maximum control over how and when your yard is watered. The device also adapts to the needs of your yard, drawing on weather data, seasonal trends, plant and soil varieties, and sun exposure by zone to tailor the most effective and energy-efficient watering solution.

  1. EvaDrop Smart Shower

The makers of the EvaDrop Smart Shower claim it can save up to 50% on water bills. The system uses a sensor to modify water flow based on your location in the shower. If you step away to condition your hair or shave, the device will automatically reduce the water flow until you move closer to rinse off. The app will even track your water usage and quantify your savings.