Face to Face with Race: Scott Stevenson

Born in So-Cal, Scott Stevenson has become a jack-of-all-trades at Race Communications. As a Field Engineer, his days are never the same. Find out how Scott spends his days at Race.

How long have you worked at Race Communications?

I’ve been here for a little over two years.

What’s your official title?

I don’t know…let me look at my badge [laughs].  I am a Field Engineer at Race.

What exactly does that translate to?

Majority of installations, but a lot of the time, I could be digging in a ditch to help build a trench, or up on a pole attaching wiring. It’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades role.

What’s your day to day like?

My day-to-day could vary, it changes a lot. A lot of the time, I am driving to different locations. Or it could be splicing up on a telephone pole in the morning, and doing an install in the afternoon.

What initially drew you to work at Race?

It was such a good opportunity to work with fiber optic cable.

Do you like fiber optics? 

It’s the way of the future. I am so happy I can get my hands on it.

What three words would you use to describe Race?

Future, Dedication, and family.

What do you like most about your job?

The fact it’s not monotonous. It’s in a ditch one hour and talking to a customer the next. I get to experience new things because fiber optics is the way to of the future.

Bonus Question: Do you have a secret talent?

It’s not really a secret…but I ride bulls. I am a professional bull rider on the weekends!