Face to Face with Race: Nico De La Rosa

If you’ve ever called our Sales division, there’s a good chance you’ve talked to Santa Monica native Nico De La Rosa! But have you ever wondered who’s the voice behind our thriving business enterprise division? Read below to find out more about Nico.

 How long have you been at Race?

I started the middle of June [2016]…So I’ve been here for about 10 months now!

What do you do at Race?

I am the Enterprise Sales Account Representative. I deal with enterprise sales and business customers. I help manage request and orders from all business and enterprise level accounts throughout California. I also do residential sales as well. Anything that has to do with business or enterprise…it comes to me.

How did you get started at Race?

So after I graduated from college, I went to San Francisco State University! (Go Golden Gators!) I needed to find a quick job to help compensate living in the city. So I got a job working at a swim school doing secretarial duties.

One day, a gentleman came in to pick up his daughter from class and I ended up having a conversation with him and he mentioned he had an open position at the company he worked at. He left me his email address on a Post-It note. So I went home, drafted my resume and sent it over to him. Within the next day, he wanted me to come in for an interview.

I went and did some research on the company and looked at the company website and I found out the man I was speaking with was the actual CEO of the company, Raul Alcaraz!

I ended up getting hired as Raul’s assistant, kind of helping out with the operations side of things at first. It slowly evolved into me becoming sales full-time. That’s how I ended up taking over the enterprise sales.

What is your typical day look like at Race?

A typical day for me will be, answering phone calls from existing business customers as well as other enterprise inquiries about our services and products that we can offer to them. For example, for a potential customer, it’s my duty to draft up official quotes and estimates. I work with the construction and engineering side to help get those quotes and pricing together.

I’ll do the negotiating with the business customers, try to finalize those deals and get those orders completed.

In between that, I will also take incoming calls, whether it’s residential or enterprise business. I pretty much help with the sales side of everything.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite meal?

My favorite dish would have to be Steak Picado. It’s like a slow cooked beef and veggies that is very buttery and tender. It’s usually paired with rice and beans. My dad makes it and it’s my all-time favorite dish.