Face to Face with Race: Clair Quinnine

For all of our new customers who have placed their orders over the phone, the chances you spoke with San Francisco native Clair Quinnine are very, very high. He’s our newbie to the Sales team and despite only being a few months in, he has earned the title of the Triple Play King! Read more to see how Clair spends his day at Race.

How long have you worked at Race?

I have been at Race for five months.

What exactly do you do at Race? I am an Inside Sales Residential Specialist. I mostly deal with the residential sales. I deal a lot with our database. So like: keeping our database up with our customers, taking sales, making calls and letting customers know about our new services.

What’s your typical day like?

When I get into the office in the mornings, I check our system for incoming messages, voicemails that I either need to call the customer back or send them a message about their questions. I then check our customer database for new customers so I can make any changes.  I then began my sales day, taking incoming calls and making outgoing calls to customers in our database about the services we offer.

If you could switch jobs with anyone at Race, who would it be and why?

I think Nico (our Enterprise Sales Account Representative), he’s more on the business side of things. I would like to learn more of the business. Learning how to put together quotes, or crunching different numbers for enterprise customers seems interesting to me. His work is more in-depth with potential business orders. I think his job is intriguing and I would love to learn more.

What skills have you gained since working at Race?

That’s a great question!  My sales skills have gone up through the roof! My communication skills have also been improved. This a great company to grow in.  I have also learned a lot of new systems such as Pitstop and Hatchbuck. Learning these are great!

What three words would you use to describe Race?

Race is intriguing. Race is optimistic. Race is exciting!

Bonus Question: What celebrity do people think you look like?

[Laughs] I get Morris Chestnut a lot! It’s probably because I’m tall and bald. I get a lot of that. It’s a compliment.