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5 Pieces of Equipment You Need for Fiber Internet

Do you know what equipment you need for fiber internet? Special equipment is required to set up a fiber internet connection, but luckily, you probably won’t about supplying the equipment. Most fiber internet providers will provide and install it, so you are ready to start using your new service. 

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However, you should know what it entails so you can ensure you get everything you need to have the optimal home network set up. Keep reading to learn the 5 pieces of equipment you need for fiber internet and how each of these pieces of equipment come together to provide the fastest and most stable wireless internet connection.

1. Fiber Optic Cable

A fiber-optic cable is a type of cable that quickly transmits data over long distances. These cables are installed either underground or aerially during the construction of a fiber network. They consist of a core of glass fibers surrounded by layers of insulation and protective materials. These fibers are extremely thin, often measuring less than a tenth of the diameter of a human hair.  

They can transmit data as light signals, which allows them to carry much more information than traditional copper cables. Because fiber-optic cables are made of glass or plastic, they are also much lighter and more flexible than copper cables, making them easier to install.

2. Clamshell

So far, we’ve established that your ISP will run a line from their fiber network to your home. They typically need to install a clamshell device – a protective cover that allows them to safely and efficiently connect the outside connection to fiber cables Inside the home. This is typically done as part of the installation process for your internet service. 

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3. Fiber Optic Modem (Optical Network Terminal)

A fiber optic modem, also known as an optical network terminal (ONT) or fiber network terminal, is a device that transmits digital data over fiber cables. First, it converts the data into a stream of light pulses. Then, these light pulses travel down the fiber optic cable to the receiving end, where a second fiber optic modem converts the light signals back into digital data. 

If you still need to get a fiber-ready modem, a technician will need to come and install one for you. They’ll install it somewhere out of the way, for example, in the garage or a corner of the room.

4. Fiber-Ready Router (Residential Gateway)

A fiber-ready router is the most well-known piece of equipment you need for fiber internet. You’ll use it to connect your devices to the internet, allowing you to access the internet anywhere in your home.   

Your ISP should provide you with the necessary instructions for setting up your router (and often the router itself). They will typically be available to provide support if you have any questions or issues with the setup process.  

The cost of the router is typically included in the overall price of your internet service plan, so you shouldn’t pay any additional fees for the use of the router. However, confirm the details of your specific internet service plan with your ISP, as the terms and conditions may vary depending on the provider you are using and the type of service you have selected. 

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5. Home Network Management App

Many ISPs now have accompanying mobile apps that allow you to manage and control your WiFi network from your smartphone. These apps typically provide a range of features and settings that you can access and adjust, such as changing your WiFi password, viewing connected devices, and setting up guest networks. Some may also include additional features, such as parental controls and network optimization tools, that you can access and manage through the mobile app.  

For example, Race Communications provides a free complementary mobile app, Race CommandIQ, that helps users view bandwidth usage in their households, allocate the bandwidth where they need it most, and more. 

You’ll need to have a compatible router to use a mobile app to manage your WiFi. You’ll also need to download the mobile app from the app store and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to set it up and connect it to your router. 

Your ISP Will Give You the Equipment You Need for Fiber Internet

You now know what equipment you need for fiber internet. In most cases, your ISP will take care of the installation of your internet service and provide the fiber internet equipment.  

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about purchasing or setting up any equipment yourself. However, it’s best to confirm the details of your specific internet service plan with your ISP. 

And finally, if you’re interested in quality fiber internet, consider Race Communications. We provide the fastest fiber in California and take care of our customers every step of the way, from installation to troubleshooting. Call us at 877-722-3833 or place an order online, and we’ll help you pick the best internet service. 

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