Design Your Dream Office at Home with These Smart Devices

Ready for a break from awkward office parties, loud typists, and coworkers who microwave fish? If so, it’s time to build your dream office at home with fast, reliable internet from Race, and these great “work from home” smart devices.

Start with the Smart Speaker

As the hub that controls other smart devices, a smart speaker serves as the keystone of your home office. The Google Home speaker, available for $129, is a good option if you use Google services such as Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Synching well with Google apps, the hub’s voice assistant excels at handling documents on Google Drive and making phone calls with Google Home. At a list price of $99.99, an Amazon Echo smart speaker with the Alexa assistant is another good choice for work-related tasks, such as managing a calendar and making to-do lists.

Select the Right Smart Printer

Although businesses continue to go paperless, you still occasionally need to print hard copies. Smart printers allow you to print directly from cloud services such as Google Cloud Print and Apple’s AirPrint. Consider your usage when selecting a printer. For low-to-moderate use, affordable options from Canon’s All-In-One inkjet series can set you up for just under $100. For greater volume, the Brother MFC-J985DW-XL offers faster printing and higher ink capacity at an affordable cost of $288.

Streamline Audio with Smart Earbuds

You need not show up on Skype meetings with a bulky headset that makes you look like a cargo pilot. Upgrade to smart earbuds. With built-in microphones, Bluetooth-connected earbuds sync with virtual assistants to handle voice commands. Smart devices such as Bragi Dash Pro earbuds, at a cost of $290, enable bilingual business conversations through integration with iTranslate. For a less expensive option, Tom’s Guide gives good marks to ENACFIRE E18 earbuds, which you can pick up for around $50.

Track Work with a Smart Timekeeper

Say goodbye to traditional time sheets. Smart devices such as the TimeFlip multi-sided die can keep track of your work. Designate each of the die’s sides to different tasks, such as emails and meetings, or different clients and projects, and flip the device to the corresponding side as you perform each task. You can get a TimeFlip on Amazon for about $50.

To keep everything running smoothly, you need a good internet connection. If you want to future-proof your office, gigabit internet from Race, which offers speeds up to 50 times faster than cable broadband, is the smart choice. So beef up your internet, set up your smart system, and trade in the traditional work environment for your dream home office.