billing process

Bills, Bills, Bills: What Should You Know?

When you place an order with Race, we do our best to explain our billing system and process. However, we know that sometimes you’re just excited to place an order, so we have created this brief cheat sheet on our billing process.

When it comes to billing, we try our best to keep things simple. Race bills in advance for service; customers can expect to see their first bill within a few days after installation. Bills are due upon receipt. However, Race offers a 20-day grace period before any late fees are accrued.

Now that you know the “when,” what about the “how”?

To be more environmentally friendly, Race provides all billing statements and information electronically to your account’s email(s). Statements will be emailed on the same day each month. You can access your statements anytime through the Customer Dashboard on our homepage.

We like to make things easy on you, which is why we offer various payment methods.


You can set up automatic payments and choose a date that works best for you! If you still need to get set up, the transition is simple. To automate your billing, please call 877-722-3833, and select option 2, followed by option 4 to speak with our billing department, who will be happy to assist you with the process.


Don’t like auto-draft? Not a problem. Next time a payment is due, log on to our online portal via our website and follow the instructions for online payment using your chosen payment method.

Option 3 – PAY BY CHECK

Would you like to send a check? Not a problem – just be sure to mail your check in advance.

*Payments made through your Bank Bill Pay are sent as a paper check. Please allow sufficient time for processing and delivery if using this method.

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Information about your first bill

Please be aware that your first bill may differ from your expected monthly total. Your first statement will likely include a pro-rated amount based on your installation date in addition to the current month’s charges. 

*All service is subjected to Local, State, and Federal taxes and fees.