Work From Home Tips

11 Jobs You Can Do from Home (That Aren’t MLMs)

Are you looking for flexible, part-time work that fits your kids’ busy schedules? Are you dreaming of kissing that long commute goodbye? Do you want to work without interruption from coworkers (unless that “coworker” is your adorable, furry pet)?

If so, then remote work just might be for you. And you don’t have to join an MLM and sell products to friends on Facebook to make it happen! Read on to discover 11 jobs you can do from home with just a computer and a strong internet connection from Race.

#1: Personal/Virtual Assistant

Help business owners with various admin tasks like scheduling meetings, booking travel arrangements, posting to social media, answering emails, and more—all from the comfort of your home office.

#2: Data Entry Specialist

With an eye for detail and at least a touch of tech-savviness (no college degree required!), you can work from home by entering written data into computers for businesses that need help staying organized and up-to-date.

#3: Transcriptionist 

Especially common in the legal and medical fields, work-from-home transcriptionists listen to audio recordings of interviews, meetings, speeches, and more, then type a written account of what they hear.

#4: Customer Service Representative

Answer questions, troubleshoot problems, take orders, and more as a remote customer service representative. Some positions will require you to take phone calls, while others may simply demand you answer emails and engage in chat conversations with customers. 

#5: Copywriting and Editing 

Not to be confused with the legal world of copyrights, a copywriter writes and edits blogs, articles, press releases, marketing emails, website copy, and more for businesses in need of the written word.

#6: Photography

Many photographers start by capturing memories for friends and family, but if you want to work only from home (rather than at weddings and in local parks), consider offering product photography for businesses or working as a freelance editor for other photographers.

#7: Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can work remotely for a company or freelance for clients to design everything from logos to brochures to websites. While a college degree can be helpful, it’s also possible to learn the skills you need through affordable or free online courses.

#8: Artist/Maker

Do you love making jewelry? Home decor? Clothing? Leather goods? Whether you’re a professional artist or a talented hobbyist, sites like Etsy make it easy to set up an online shop and sell your handmade work to customers around the world. 

#9: Teacher/Tutor

Make a difference in the life of a child as a remote teacher or tutor. You can work full time for an online school or use sites like VIPkid and to find part-time work that fits your schedule.

#10: Bookkeeper/Accountant

Help businesses track financial transactions as a bookkeeper or take on more responsibility (think handling taxes and big-picture planning) as a professional accountant. Both roles can be done from home, and there’s no shortage of businesses that could use your help.

#11: Rental Host

Turn your knack for hosting into a work-from-home gig when you list your home (or even just a few rooms) on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo. Plus, this can be a fun way to meet new people and help visitors to your town make memories they’ll treasure forever!

How to Find Work from Home Jobs

Are you ready to embrace the benefits of working from home? Sites like Upwork or Freelancer make it easy to find and apply for short-term or part-time roles with businesses all over the world. If you’re looking for a steady, full-time position, sites like Remote are a good place to start. Remember that you’ll need reliable internet to make it happen no matter which work from home job you’re hoping to land. Call Race today to make sure you have the connection you need to make your work-from-home dreams come true!